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Sunrise Spey Fishing for Steelhead


Unforgettable Steelhead Fly Fishing

Alaska holds some of the best waters on earth to pursue wild Steelhead. Far from the influence of hatcheries, these native fish are aggressive and eager to take a fly. 


Every Steelhead Angler's dream, these dime-bright Steelhead fight harder than any other fish we've ever encountered in fresh water. During your stay, you will have the option to fish 4 rivers for fish that are fresh out of the ocean. 

As our name implies, we are dedicated to pursuing fish on the swung fly. These fisheries lend themselves well to this technique, and in our opinion, it is the most rewarding way to connect with these awesome fish. We believe anyone can do it and have successfully taught countless anglers how to cast and fish with Spey and Skagit methods. Experts will enjoy fishing great swing water that is always the perfect clarity, while beginners can expect patient, expert instruction.

Steelhead on the swing

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Father and Son release a wild steelhead
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