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Alaska Swing Guides is a collaboration of close-knit friends, on and off the water, who share the collective passion of swinging for Steelhead. We have each been guiding independently in Alaska for years.


We live here, these are our home waters.


We care about our fisheries, have a common angling ethic and promote mindful catch and release practices.  After spending time working together under the umbrella of another company, we deciding to branch off with the desire of promoting a more positive angling culture. When you fish with Alaska Swing Guides, you will be treated not as a client, but as a friend! 

Grant Turner & guest with a native steelhead
Steelhead, guest and guide


"Your favorite guide's favorite guide"

Anglers and fish are drawn to Grant's positive energy. A family man, Grant lives in Girdwood, AK with wife, daughter and pup. He is a life-long steelhead angler, and has devoted much attention to finding Kenai Peninsula steelhead on the swing. Grant loves these rivers and knows them well. He is always "super pumped" to be on the water and is eager to share his passion and expertise. Somewhat superstitious, Grant  has to have a pastry before beginning to swing.  A day fishing with Grant is sure to be filled with good vibes, laughter, and probably a few good tugs from fish!


"the 'G' in fishing greatness"

Just what does the "G" stand for? You'll have to ask him! Alex has been guiding fly fishing trips for 20+ years across America. Currently making his home in Cooper Landing, the Kenai Peninsula streams are an extension of his backyard. Alex believes in "the power of the fly rod" and is a true ambassador of the sport of fly fishing and the fisheries. Alex actively volunteers with Streamwatch, a local organization dedicated to keeping our rivers clean, habitat intact, and anglers and wildlife safe. He has a kind, witty demeanor and is quick to make friends. Alex is a great teacher, beginners especially appreciate his patient instruction


"Steelhead expertise with a dedication to conservation"

Phil grew up in Hood River, OR, obsessed with steelhead from an early age. He now calls Cooper Landing his home, where he owns a fly shop and guide service, Lakeview Outfitters.  Through his fly shop and guiding practices, Phil promotes a strong conservation ethic. He is also a Streamwatch Ambassador, Volunteering alongside Alex to protect high-impact areas in our fisheries. With 13+ years guiding Kenai Peninsula streams, he is intimately acquainted with his local fisheries and is stoked to introduce visitors to the area. Phil believes there is no better way to pursue Steelhead than on the swung fly and is confident that ANYONE can do it.

Grant Turner & friends release a wild Steelhead
Alex Garnier, Keep 'em wet steelhead
Phil Hilbruner holding a Kenai Peninsula Steelhead

Lodge Hosts

Alaska Swing Guides is thrilled to announce our partnership with Clam Gulch Lodge, ensuring our guests enjoy exceptional accommodations during their stay. Nestled within a 30-minute radius of our four common fisheries, Clam Gulch Lodge boasts a prime location overlooking Cook Inlet, offering breathtaking sunset vistas of volcanoes Augustine, Iliamna, Redoubt, and Spur. Hosted by the warm hospitality of owners Gary and Pam, guests can anticipate delightful meals and a genuine concern for their comfort and satisfaction. Unwind each evening by swapping stories around the bonfire on our private beach—an experience not to be missed. Click the logo below to explore their website and discover the perfect complement to your fishing adventure.

clam gulch lodge logo
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