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Nice Steelhead on the swing



Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula stands as an iconic destination for anglers seeking the ultimate steelhead fishing experience. Renowned for its pristine rivers, rugged terrain, and abundant wildlife, the Kenai Peninsula offers a haven for those in pursuit of these elusive and prized fish.


Most steelhead fisheries are prone to frequent unfavorable conditions with high, off-color water after heavy rains- but not here. Rivers that are glacially fed and protected by a large lake at the headwaters provide a rare opportunity to pursue Steelhead in a river that maintains optimum conditions through the fall season.


We have the rare opportunity to fish a river that always has the perfect clarity, with just enough glacial silt to keep the visibility suited to swinging flies. This is unique to our fisheries and provides our guests with the security that they will have favorable fishing conditions during their stay, regardless of the weather.

Not all of the rivers we fish are glacially fed, the smaller streams are more traditional, clear water that can be susceptible to weather conditions but we always have the glacial water to fall back on when needed.

Happy angler releases Steelhead
Chrome, fresh Steelhead


Sea Lice, Chrome Steelhead


Renowned for their strength, stamina, and acrobatics, these fish possess an indomitable spirit that all Steelhead anglers dream about. The closer to the ocean, the more aggressive and hard hitting these beasts are. With silver sides reflecting the sunlight like polished chrome, these vibrant fish earn the nickname "chromer". With vivid hues of purple, blue, and pink that adorn its sleek body evoke a sense of wonder and admiration, making it a sight to behold both in and out of the water.

All of the areas that we fish are within a handful of miles from the ocean, and often times we are fishing within or directly above the tidal influence. While fishing with us you will have the option to fish four amazing steelhead fisheries, from small, clear water streams to large, glacially fed rivers. They are each unique but share the common trait of being short river systems. Not having travelled far in the river, these fish are more aggressive, more eager to take a fly, and fight harder than if they had made their way many miles upstream. This is a treat that every angler should experience, and we would love to share it with you.

Native Steelhead close-up
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